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Before Surgery

before_after_prognatic.jpgThings to be aware Before Surgery

There are many things you can do before surgery that will help your recovery:

If you smoke, quit. Smoking increases the risk of complications with anesthesia during surgery. It slows healing after surgery. It can also cause or worsen gum disease. The sooner you quit the better. Have a plan with your primary healthcare provider to quit smoking.

Do not drink alcohol at least 3 weeks prior to surgery.

Maintain good oral hygiene.

Remember to arrange time off to recover. Ask us how long your home recovery is likely to take and plan in advance your absence from school or work goes smoothly.

before_after_prognatic_jaw_a.jpgDrink plenty of water every day for 30 days prior to surgery.

Plan your recovery. You need to learn what to eat, how to eat, and how to stay comfortable after surgery. You won't be able to chew at first. Your muscles are not strong enough or in some cases the jaw is held together with elastics or even wires for at least 2 weeks.

Have your prescribed medication ready at home. Be sure we are aware of all medications, herbs, or supplements you take. You may be advised to make changes before surgery. If you are taking any medication that could interfere with your blood clotting mechanism, Please check with your PCP or family physician to be sure that you can stop this medication at least 3 weeks prior to surgery.