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Orthognathic Surgery

before_after_open_bite.jpgOrthognathic Surgery Patient Information

Your Role in Treatment

Orthognathic surgery plan and treatment is a long process that can take time, often over a year. Starting treatment and not completing it could leave you with more problems than you have now so you need to commit to the full process before treatment begins. Learn about the treatment stages so you'll know what to expect at each stage. You can also aid in getting good results by taking good care of your teeth and your general health during and after treatment.


before_after_open_bite_bc.jpgInitial Consultation

Your initial consultation will be a general oral and maxillofacial examination where the main problem is identified.

The second phase is to perform a full Orthognathic work-up. This orthognathic work lasts approximately one to two hours. During that time Dr. Payton, Cardenas, and Friedman will perform an in-depth orthognathic evaluation and develop a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.

He will answer your questions in reference to the diagnosis, treatment recommendations, alternative treatments and risks and complications. A list of diagnostic factors and a detailed treatment plan will be prepared. This work-up and a preauthorization letter will be prepared and sent to your insurance company if surgery is recommended. This work-up will be also sent to you and your referring doctor at your request.

Materials to bring for the initial consultation

A list of current symptoms, problems, and concerns.
A list of all previous treatments and surgery you have had for your condition.
A list of medications you are currently taking.
A referral letter is needed If you have seen an orthodontist.