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Consult a Qualified Surgeon

Facial implants do not stop the aging process. Wrinkles, hollowness in the face, and other imperfections can reappear over time. Before deciding on facial implants, discuss all the options with your surgeon.

It's important to choose a board-certified Maxillofacial Surgeon from the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with extensive experience in all of the face-implant and facial-surgery procedures. Board certification may not always guarantee the best results; however, board certification does require specific and rigorous surgical education and training that improves the odds for a successful outcome.

The type of certification is also important. There are more than 150 self-designated boards, but only a handful that are designated by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), such as the American Board of Oral and MaxillofacialSurgery.

Here are some tips to consider when consulting a plastic surgeon:

  • Review credentials, education, training, type of certification held, and number of times the procedure has been performed in the practice.
  • View before-and-after photos of patients who received different types of surgical procedures with facial implants.
  • Bring a photo that shows the appearance you are looking for. This will help the surgeon understand your expectations and develop a treatment plan.
  • Ask about the type of equipment and implant to be used, where the procedure will be performed, and the extent of the procedure.
  • Discuss the impact of smoking, dental problems, and gum disease on your surgery.
  • Ask about complications and possible side effects of the procedure.
  • The recovery period and your activities after surgery should be explained to you as well.

During your consultation, the doctor will complete a medical evaluation.

The doctor will also provide a list of instructions to follow before the procedure. Instructions might include no eating or drinking after midnight, an antibiotic for both before and after the procedure, stopping the use of certain medications, and having someone drive you home after the procedure.

Facial Implants Cost

Cost for the facial implant procedure comprises anesthesia fees, facility fees, and surgeon's fees. The total fees for implants can range from a minimum of $2,500 for a single implant, up to $5,000 (or more) for two or more implants.