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before_after_testimonialas.jpgThank you Dr. Payton and staff for caring for me and stopping my pain, especially you Elizabeth."

Olivia Mimbs

Ms. Moral, My experience as a patient in your facility for the first time was an amazing one! From the moment I spoke to Vanessa on the initial contact via phone, she made it clear that dates for my urgent procedure were available and provided a ballpark estimate of cost with my current insurance..."

This was extremely helpful in determining who was going to operate on me and when. Upon arrival to the clinic the next day, I was greeted by a friendly staff that explained everything in detail, that provided options and that was overall very efficient.

Dr. Freidman was also very warm and clear in his explanations and expectations. Finally, discharge instructions and prescription medications were clear and prompt and the entire procedure was smooth and quick. Although I was nervous, Dr. Freidman's confidence allowed me to relax and realize that all would be well. I will highly recommend your offices to friends and family members. The number and location of offices for your practice is also of great support. I am thrilled to have come and look forward to another opportunity to partner.

I was a 'lucky' kid in that I had braces on two separate occasions, for a total of four years. I wasn't aware that in addition to the orthodontic work, I could benefit greatly from oral facial reconstructive surgery. Just thinking about my experience with Dr. Cardenas and his team, I am overwhelmed with emotions..."

Seventeen can already be a difficult age, and the daily struggle I encountered with my self-esteem affected me in so many ways; my grades, my social life, my everyday routine. When I was finally cleared for my surgery, I encountered an issue with my health insurance. With my mother's determination, along with Dr. Cardenas', I was able to have my surgery right as scheduled.

While the pain I endured was excruciating at times, the surgery's results were absolutely worth it! Today I am constantly complimented on what a great smile and features I have. My self-esteem began to soar, and today I believe I have encountered certain opportunities due to finally being comfortable with the way I look, which helped me to become comfortable with who I am as a whole. I owe so much thanks to Dr. Cardenas!"

Dear Dr. Cardenas, You have no idea how much this surgery that you did means to me. Though you must do hundreds of these yearly, I am sure that you understand how each patient feels about getting their face fixed, no matter how little the problem may seem..."

So, I wanted to tell you personally how I felt and try to put into words how your skills in my reconstructive surgery has affected my life and how much what you did for me about a year ago still means for me today. Ever since I hit middle school, my face had always been different from other people. I felt that not only did I stand out, (in a way that I would not have chosen), but that my jaw made me feel very unconfident everywhere I went. I felt that the world was zoned in on my face, and my jaw problem seemed to be magnified more and more by those around me. No one understood what it was like to have the type of jaw that I had. I wished that every day, when I went to bed, that my jaw would be fixed by the time. I woke up. Even though I knew that would never happen, I am so thankful and blessed that you fixed my face and gave me back my confidence as a person and that today when I look in the mirror I am proud and happy with the way I look because of you.

Now, that I'm in college with a new face, my confidence has gone through the roof!! I love to talk, to smile, and to show off my face. My mom is constantly looking at me, my nose, my eyes, my chin, everything that's on my face daily and it's so funny no matter how many times she says, "Your face is changing!" It still feels like a dream, that my jaw is fixed. For many years I thought that it would never get fixed. I can never thank you enough for giving me back what I looked like before my jaw began to worsen. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, so much from the bottom of my heart!!!! Because of you I'm comfortable in my skin, and people don't even have a clue as to what I looked like before! It's a wonderful feeling to be looked at with different eyes, instead of seeing the person thinking, "Why does her face look different?"

I am so blessed and thankful that you were my doctor. I have complete faith in your abilities, much like I did before and after my surgery. I was not bothered at all by the recuperation time. It was worth a couple of days of a liquid diet and being tortured watching my parents eat all the good stuff in order to be rid of years upon years of being ashamed of my face. I wouldn't take it back for nothing in the world!! I know you must have heard this a thousand times but thank you!! You are a great person and a skilled surgeon to have fixed my face, and countless others. You might not realize what a big deal this was for me, but it was and I'm so thankful. My life can continue to go forward and I can have a normal appearance just like everyone else, only my face is special because you made it and no one else can say that!!!

Again, thank you so much!! I am so happy with the results, my family is thrilled beyond words, and I have finally found someone who loves me a lot. He is a great boy, and he loved me before I went into surgery. He was the only one who saw beyond my appearance and liked me for who I was! Even after the surgery he still loved me. It thanks to you again that I found someone who accepted me as I was and I can't thank you enough because then the letter would never be finished!! Thank you again Doctor Cardenas you are a miracle worker and I'm so lucky that I was put into your hands and care!! Words will never be enough but I hope this shows a bit of the gratitude and admiration I have for what you have done for me!! I wish you the best and I hope that anyone else out there who has a similar problem finds their way to you so that they too can have their confidence back!! Thank you again and again from me and my family!!

Sincerely your patient, Rebecca Altman

I first met Dr. Friedman in 2001 or 2002 as I was referred to him to address issues that I was experiencing with my jaw. I finally had jaw surgery in June 2003 due to having issues with my jaw getting stuck either open or shut, and I had already been through other procedures which did not rectify the situation..."

In addition I was restricted from eating things like steak, chewing gum etc, as this caused me a lot of pain and popped my jaw out of alignment. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Friedman discussed the risks and benefits of the orthognathic surgery and I was pleased to get the detailed information. I feel like he prepared me and put me at ease as much as he could, given the serious nature of the surgery.

The day of my surgery he came in to see me and told me he would do the best job to make sure I don't have this problem any longer. When I awoke I was in a lot of pain and was disoriented but I remember him coming into see me a few times. For the follow up appointments he and his staff got me in and out expeditiously so that I could back home and rest. Overall the whole procedure was great and he and his staff helped me through it all. While it was painful and my face didn't look too good after, it was well worth it. Today, while I have some slight arthritis, I have complete range if my jaw and full use of it. I would totally do it again.


I've gone through many obstacles in my life and have met and worked with "a lot" of doctors that have tried to help correct some of my problems and relieve me from the pain I was in. Only a few of them have received a gold star because they stood out above all the rest and Dr Cardenas is one of them!..."

Have received a gold star because they stood out above all the rest and Dr Cardenas is one of them!

To try to explain my gratitude towards him or his brilliance as a surgeon is hard for me to put into words…

In 1982, I was involved in a very bad car accident and suffered facial trauma from the impact. I had a silastic implant installed in 1983 which was removed in 1984 when they decided to try to reconstruct my face with a rib graft. For the next nineteen years I endured constant pain; I suffered with the inability to close my mouth or chew food.

In 2001, God orchestrated a team of uncommon doctors to collaborate together to bring restoration to my life, with Dr. Cardenas as the surgeon in charge. My meeting him was what I call a divine appointment in my book!

He not only gave of his valuable time, energy and skills on my case but he found other caring professionals to do the same.

As a surgeon there is none better, he is remarkable, talented… gifted, also very professional and meticulous about his work. As an individual, his kindness, understanding and compassion knows no limits. His commitment to my total restoration has always amazed me! I am forever changed and blessed by what Dr. Cardenas has done for me. That appreciation can't really be expressed with words as I'm approaching 10 years of freedom from pain due to the miraculous work Dr. Cardenas did on my bilateral joint replacement and the installation of my new titanium implants.

I feel both privileged and honored to have had Dr. Cardenas rebuild my jaw for me; his work speaks for itself, and I thank God for putting me in such great hands.

Once again Dr. Cardenas, "THANK YOU for making what was once just a dream, a reality for me!"

Sincerely, Angelee