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Treatment Plan

before_after_open_bite_hi.jpgYour Treatment Plan will be defined after a discussion by all the members of your treatment team. You treatment team includes your Orthodontist, your Periodontist, your general dentist, your Oral and maxillofacial surgeon and any other professional needed for your specific case.

This Treatment Plan will be effective if all the members of the team agree on goals and which in turn match your own goals. Please be involved in your Treatment Plan and be sure to understand the steps to follow and what you can and can't expect from treatment.

Orthognathic treatment usually starts with pre-surgical orthodontic treatment, dental and periodontal work. The next step is the surgical phase and then the postsurgical orthodontic treatment to finalize and tune-up the final results.

Treatment Stages and Time Frames

Just to give you an idea of time frames, typical stages and time frames are shown here. It can be hard to predict exact time for each stage. So be prepared to be flexible.




Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

1-4 weeks

Initial Consultation
Initial orthognathic work-up.
Surgeon and orthodontist consult together
Meet with team members as needed to discuss overall plan

Preparation for Surgery

12 - 18 months

Dental work
Orthodontic work (Presurgical orthodontics)
Extraction of wisdom teeth if necessary
Regular check-ups to assess progress

Surgery and Hospital Recovery

1 - 3 days

Meet with surgeon to prepare for surgery and recovery
Quit smoking (if you smoke)
Blood Donation one or two units
Presurgical physical exam and blood work
Hospital stay from one to three days

Recovery at Home

2 - 8 weeks

Rest at home; on a soft diet for 2 or more weeks
Weekly Postoperative exam by surgeon
Gradual return to normal eating and normal oral hygiene
Start post surgical orthodontic treatment as soon as two weeks after surgery

Postsurgical Treatment

6-12 months

Complete orthodontic treatment (Postsurgical orthodontics)
Follow-up with surgeon as needed
Routine dental care
Other dental care, if needed