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Wisdom Tooth Consultation Appointment

What happens at your Wisdom Tooth Consultation Appointment?

For patients who are being referred for the removal of their wisdom teeth, the following will occur on your first office visit.

You will be evaluated and examined by doctor. A scout radiograph called a Panorex will be taken. This radiograph shows your wisdom teeth in relation to your entire jaw. It also shows the relationship of the roots of the teeth in question with regard to the nerve to the lower lip. This radiograph is required and mandatory. If your referring doctor has taken a recent Panorex within the last month and it is of good quality, a repeat radiograph will not be necessary.

Once evaluated, your treating doctor will go over your proposed surgery, discussing the risks and benefits of the removal of the teeth in question. In some situations, removal of the teeth may not be necessary due to the possibility or risk of injury to the neurovascular canal which could result in either temporary or permanent loss of feeling to your lower lip. In any case, your doctor will go over all of this at your visit.

If you are considering the removal of the teeth immediately after the consultation, please refrain from eating or drinking anything for 6 hours prior to your surgery. You must make sure our office fully understands that you would like to have the teeth removed at that time.

The appropriate time will be allocated to your visit. Additionally you must understand that not all wisdom teeth are authorized for removal from your managed care provider. If this is the case, either prior determination will be needed and your surgery delayed until this authorization is received or you will be responsible for all surgical costs at the time of your visit.

Remember insurance coverage is your responsibility. Our staff with be happy to assist you in obtaining proper prior determinations for treatment. Please go the Informed consents section of our web site and down load the consent "Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth".

Please read the consent form which your doctor will go over with you during your consultation at your office visit.