2 Easy to Make Meals After Oral Surgery

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If you've had oral surgery in Plantation, you know that after care is super important to ensure its success. A big part of that has to do with what you eat. We know it’s frustrating to avoid eating the food you want for a few days, so here are some tasty meals that won't take long to make so you can get through those days peacefully.

mashed potatoes after Oral Surgery in Plantation

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have a lot of dietary fiber and are great to eat after oral surgery. Just mash the potatoes to a smooth consistency and you have a meal that is very easy to eat. You can also add butter, cheese, or any other sauce for more variety. Make sure the potatoes don’t have large chunks that make them harder to bite. If you prefer sweet potatoes, try mashing them with butter and cinnamon.

Pasta (Mac and Cheese)

What’s easier to make than pasta? As long as it’s properly cooked and won't hurt the recently healed area, eating pasta is one of the best food options. Prepared correctly, pasta works perfectly fine. You can either swallow the little noodles or chew them with your front teeth, which makes macaroni and cheese ideal. To make your spaghetti noodles soft and easier to chew, you can also overcook them.

Bonus: Treat Yourself With Ice Cream!

It's nice to pamper yourself a little! For example, eating your favorite ice cream after a wisdom tooth extraction is a nice reward. Choose soft ice cream because you can eat it with less effort. This cool dessert soothes inflammation and helps the healing process. You should avoid cones and other crunchy ingredients.

mac and cheese allowed after Oral Surgery in Plantation

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