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“I feel both privileged and honored to have had Dr. Cardenas rebuild my jaw for me; his work speaks for itself, and I thank God for putting me in such great hands."


“Thank you, Dr. Payton and staff, for caring for me and stopping my pain–especially you, Elizabeth."

Olivia M.

“For more than a year, I’ve been searching for a place to get a wisdom tooth extraction. I saw five oral surgeons but was terrified to have it done under IV sedation. How fortunate I am to have found the greatest. Words are not adequate to convey my gratitude. I regard it as an honor and privilege to have had Doctor Payton as my oral surgeon. You represent all the best in medicine's unique ART. I am pleased to say I was pain-free throughout the procedure and made a fantastic recovery with no complications whatsoever. You will always be remembered as one of the best I have ever dealt with. How lucky I am to have had you as my oral surgeon. With heartfelt thanks to an awesome doctor.”

Theresa F.

“I had the pleasure of taking my granddaughter to Dr. Kevin Payton for her first procedure of any kind. She is 11 years old. Dr. Payton is a kind man. He made her feel comfortable beforehand, explaining everything that he was going to do prior to doing it—what a great experience. I highly recommend Dr. Payton. Thanks for making the entire experience great. We also received a call tonight checking on her and making sure she was doing ok after the surgery. We need more practitioners like Dr. Payton. Big shout-out to him.”

Barbara R.

“I wanted to tell you personally how I felt and try to put into words how your skills in my reconstructive surgery have affected my life. What you did for me about a year ago still means so much to me today. Ever since I hit middle school, my face had always been different from other people's. I felt that not only did I stand out (in a way that I would not have chosen), but my jaw made me feel very unconfident everywhere I went. I felt that the world was zoned in on my face, and my jaw problem seemed to be magnified more and more by those around me. No one understood what it was like to have the type of jaw that I had. Every day when I went to bed, I wished that my jaw would be fixed by the time I woke up. Even though I knew that would never happen, I am so thankful and blessed that you fixed my face and gave me back my confidence as a person. Today, when I look in the mirror, I am proud and happy with the way I look because of you.”

Rebecca A.

“My experience as a patient in your facility for the first time was an amazing one! When I first called your office and spoke to Vanessa on the phone, she made it clear that dates for my urgent procedure were available and provided a ballpark estimate of cost with my current insurance. This was extremely helpful in determining who was going to operate on me and when. Upon arrival at the clinic the next day, I was greeted by a friendly staff that explained everything in detail, provided options, and was overall very efficient. Dr. Friedman was also very warm and clear in his explanations and expectations. Finally, discharge instructions and prescription medications were clear and prompt, and the entire procedure was smooth and quick. Although I was nervous, Dr. Friedman's confidence allowed me to relax and realize that all would be well. I will highly recommend your offices to friends and family members.”

Ms. Moral

“Absolutely, hands down, the most experienced oral surgery staff imaginable. I had all four wisdom teeth extracted last Tuesday with Dr. Friedman. He was very knowledgeable and reassuring. I am already feeling better and have barely any swelling or bruising. I went for my check-up this morning with him, and he said I healed perfectly and got an A+. His entire staff is knowledgeable. Phil and Evy are super kind, helpful, and funny, which makes the whole experience even better!!”

Amanda K.

“Dr. Payton was exceptional. He made our daughter comfortable with a very stressful procedure and made us feel even better with his very caring follow-up.”

John T.

“I would like to say that Oral Facial Reconstruction is the best in our area of Broward County and Palm Beach County. In my case, I had stage 4 cancer at the base of my tongue, and my problems with my teeth were due to the highest dosage by the law of radiation and cisplatin chemotherapy. I have found Dr. Payton and Dr. Friedman to be two of the kindest, most understanding, and most professional doctors I have met. And I remember when doctors would come to the house with their little black bags! I would recommend Oral Facial Reconstruction to anyone going through what I’ve gone through. I guarantee you won’t be sorry!”

Joseph B.

“I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciated the TLC care I received from the staff at the Coral Springs office, especially Dr. Payton, who surgically restored my gums and then modified my dentures three times! I love you all and recommend you to anyone who will listen. What a great team they have at Oral Facial Reconstruction!”

Teri L. C.