A Short Guide to Orthognathic Surgery for Jaw Alignment

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Orthognathic surgery is a specialized procedure aimed at rectifying jaw misalignment, commonly known as dentofacial deformities. This surgical intervention seeks to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the jaw, providing patients with improved chewing, speaking, and breathing abilities, along with a more harmonious facial appearance. Let’s take a look at this type of oral surgery in Plantation.

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An Overview of Orthognathic Surgery and Its Key Components


Before undergoing orthognathic surgery, patients undergo a thorough evaluation by an orthodontist and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. This evaluation involves a physical examination, dental impressions, X-rays, and sometimes 3D imaging to accurately determine the extent of the jaw misalignment.

Treatment Planning

Based on the diagnostic findings, a personalized treatment plan is devised to address each patient's specific needs. This plan may include orthodontic treatment to align the teeth before surgery, as well as surgical correction of the underlying skeletal issues.

Surgical Procedure

During the procedure, the surgeon meticulously repositions the upper jaw (maxilla), lower jaw (mandible), or both to achieve proper alignment and symmetry. This may involve cutting and repositioning the bone, followed by securing it in place with screws, plates, or wires.


Following orthognathic surgery, patients may experience swelling, discomfort, and temporary changes in sensation around the surgical site. Pain management medications and a soft diet are often recommended to alleviate these symptoms. Patients must adhere to their surgeon's post-operative instructions diligently to promote optimal healing and minimize complications.

Orthodontic Follow-Up

After the initial healing period, which may span several weeks, patients continue their treatment with orthodontic adjustments to fine-tune the bite and ensure long-term stability. This phase of treatment aims to achieve optimal occlusion and facial aesthetics.

Long-Term Results

Orthognathic surgery can yield significant and enduring improvements in both the function and appearance of the jaw. By addressing jaw misalignment, patients often enjoy enhanced chewing and speaking abilities, reduced facial asymmetry, and heightened self-assurance.

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In summary, orthognathic surgery offers a comprehensive solution for correcting jaw misalignment and addressing associated functional and aesthetic concerns. With Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, careful planning, expert surgical intervention, and conscientious post-operative care, patients can attain notable enhancements in their oral health and overall well-being. Contact us for more info!