Alcohol Consumption After Dental Implants Treatment

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Most people forget that alcohol is toxic and when consumed excessively, it can greatly impact your health. Complications on dental implants in Pembroke Pines, such as avascular necrosis, may compromise how the rest of your body functions. Unlike cigarettes, alcohol has minimal impact on your dental health. Here's an article on how excessive consumption of alcohol can affect your dental treatment.  

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Will Drinking Affect Your Dental Implants?

Right after Implant Placement

If you worry about the most vulnerable period for your dental implants, it's 72 hours after the placement procedure. Excessive alcohol consumption can impact your body's normal recovery response. When your body is in its recovery phase, it seeks to rebuild everything that was lost or damaged, including the blood vessels, bone cells, collagen, and skin.  Alcohol disrupts the healing signals so some aspects may be delayed, especially blood vessel reconstruction. As your new bone develops, if there are no sufficient vessels to supply the blood, the bone could starve and cause problems down the line. The risk is so high that even a single drink within three days from your surgery can trigger this complication. Hence, it is highly imperative that you avoid drinking alcohol after your treatment.  

Heavy Alcohol Consumption After Dental Implants

Once your dental implants have healed, you may still be at risk if you consume alcoholic beverages. This can result in an insufficient blood supply that can trigger avascular necrosis. It is a condition that will affect your jawbones and may also cause joint pains.

Dental implants Pembroke Pines

Where to Get Dental Implants in Pembroke Pines

Unlike smoking, excessive alcohol consumption has minimal impact on your dental health after the implant has completely healed. To know more about dental implants, please set an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction!