Answers for Commonly Asked Questions About TMJ

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If a TMJ disorder (TMD) interferes with your health and well-being or negatively impacts your quality of life, you may choose to seek treatment for TMJ in Plantation. Before any more joint damage develops, it's critical to precisely diagnose and treat the condition. The best method to recover as quickly as possible is to follow a thorough treatment plan devised by your oral surgeon and dentist.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ

TMJ Disorder: What Causes It?

What causes a TMJ disorder is something that your dentist can help you with since treating the underlying problem is critical to your long-term health and the effectiveness of any TMJ therapy.  Possible factors that are causing TMD:  

  • Orthodontic braces  
  • Jaw injury  
  • Excessive chewing  
  • Repeated jaw clenching  
  • Misalignment (malocclusion)  
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)  
  • Poor posture  
  • Stress or anxiety  
  • Arthritis  

Are Home Remedies Advisable?

It is advised that you massage and use a hot and cold compress to reduce inflammation. At the same time, an in-depth investigation is performed before attempting any rigorous treatment, such as surgery. While the healthcare team examines your problem, this can help alleviate discomfort to some extent.  

Do I Need to Have Surgery?

When your dentist thinks a surgical option is viable, they will usually recommend you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.     Although arthroscopic surgery allows doctors to view within the joint and remove scar tissue and adhesions, in certain circumstances, the joint must be opened and repositioned with open-joint surgery.  

Are There Any Treatment Alternatives?

Prescribed medication, oral appliances, and joint replacement are all options for TMJ treatment. The cause of the problem and its severity determine the best alternative for you.   If you've experienced a physical jaw injury, surgery may be your only option. However, orthodontic treatment may be the initial step if a faulty bite causes your condition.  

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Looking for Information About TMJ in Plantation?

If you believe you have TMJ in Plantation, consult your doctor right away. Our team of skilled oral surgeons, who possess all the required knowledge and abilities to ensure success, can provide you with the most outstanding care and treatment at Oral Facial Reconstruction. Make an appointment with us today.