Are Dental Implants Expensive?

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Dental implants in Plantation are the best alternative for tooth replacement. Most patients who opt for dental implants are pleased with the outcomes.  Why then do some patients not opt for dental implants as their first option? In reality, a lot of patients choose partial or full bridges or dentures in place of missing teeth—not because they are unaware that dental implants are an option, but rather because they believe they won't be within their budget. Is it accurate to say that dental implants are the priciest option? Read on to know the answer.

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Dental Implants Are a Practical Solution

When Compared to Alternative Dental Procedures

Although it's possible that dental implants are more expensive up front than some other tooth replacement options, this statistic only tells a portion of the tale. Dental implants don't have any hidden fees; however, bridges and dentures do. Both dental treatments are susceptible to deterioration over time. Dentures last between five to 10 years, while dental bridges last between five and 15 years. These devices will eventually have to be replaced or changed. And before being eventually replaced, dentures need to be mended, relined, or altered. Dental implants don't need any extra maintenance. You just brush and floss them like you would your natural teeth. They are also a long-term fix. If you take care of them and don't cause havoc to your mouth, you won't need to repair or replace them.  Additionally, they don't harm any nearby healthy teeth. Dental implants are perhaps the most economical choice when all expenditures are considered and spaced out over the course of your lifetime.

Cost Differences

The patient's need and state of health have a significant impact on the real cost of dental implants. A common myth is that getting dental implants would be too expensive if you needed to replace all your teeth. It is not essential to replace each tooth with a separate dental implant, thanks to advanced technology and techniques.  An entire upper or lower arch can be stabilized with as little as four implants. This lowers the cost of a full-mouth dental implant tooth replacement significantly compared to what most patients anticipate.

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Where to Get Dental Implants in Plantation?

It's vital to go over all your options, including dental implants, with your dentist if you need to replace a tooth. Don't disregard dental implants because of their alleged expense. They can turn out to be far more economical than you anticipated. You can arrange a consultation to learn more.