Are Dental Implants Only for the Elderly?

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Dental implant treatment is one of the many dental services known for having several misconceptions. One of which is that dental implants in Aventura are only for the elderly. Here’s why anyone can take advantage of this treatment. However, there are certain exceptions and limitations to take note of.

Choosing dental implants in Aventura

Dental Implants Are the Right Choice for Many

Age Restriction

Dental implants provide the most stable foundation for tooth restorations. However, osseointegration, or the union of dental implants with the jawbone, is required for therapy to be effective. Because dental implants must be a success for patients, our dental staff takes the time to properly examine whether dental implants are the best treatment option for each person. Many factors are considered when assessing dental implant eligibility, one of which is the patient's age, or more specifically, how aging impacts the development and strength of the jawbone. For younger patients, dental implants do not have to be a source of humiliation. Tooth loss can happen at any age, and it can be caused by a range of factors such as trauma, infection, gum disease, genetics, and illnesses. Any patient with a fully developed jaw, which typically occurs between the ages of 18 and 20, can benefit from dental implants and have a beautiful smile.

Are Dental Implants for Anyone?

While dental implants are an excellent treatment option for missing teeth, they may not be appropriate in certain situations. The only way to know for sure if dental implants are a good treatment option for you is to have a thorough consultation with your dentist.

Woman examining dental implants in Aventura

Factors that Affect Dental Implants in Aventura

Want to know more about dental implants? There are factors that hinder the success of this treatment – these may be due to tobacco use, medical conditions, or bone density. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction today to know more!