Are You Put to Sleep During Oral Surgery?

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Most patients fear going to the dentist when they are told that oral surgery is needed for the success of the treatment. Oral surgery in Coral Springs, FL, offers a wide range of dental sedative choices, from the mildest nitrous oxide to general anesthesia. These advancements ensure complete comfort and safety throughout these complex surgical procedures.   Your oral surgeon will go through the alternatives with you, explain the advantages and potential disadvantages, and help you choose the ideal sedative before starting your surgical treatment plan.

patient getting sedated before oral surgery in coral springs fl

What Happens When You’re Sedated?

Deep Sedation

Do you fear oral surgery or have a severe dental phobia? Your specialist will administer a general anesthetic to relieve pain and provide comfort.   You won't remember anything after the oral surgery because you will be unconscious from general anesthesia – this is the type of sedation that will put you to sleep. After the treatment, your oral surgeon will place you in a recovery room following the procedure while you wait for the effects of the general anesthetic to wear off. But you will still feel lightheaded. Hence, it would help if you had a driver take you home.   Patients who receive general anesthesia are fully asleep throughout the treatment. This offers complete relaxation and comfort throughout the even more complex oral surgery. Your vital signs will be continuously checked for your safety throughout treatment.

patient undergoing oral surgery in coral springs fl

Effects After You’ve Undergone Oral Surgery in Coral Springs, FL  

Deep sedation can have several adverse effects, such as drowsiness, shivering, muscle discomfort, hoarseness, mouth ache, diarrhea, and nausea. Moreover, you will also feel slight pain when the anesthetic effects wear off. After a few days, the pain will subside.   If you still experience discomfort or pain due to the surgery, you can contact our dental professionals at Oral Facial Reconstruction for prescription drugs or effective over-the-counter painkillers. Our staff is always glad to give a helping hand, feel free to ring us!