Are You Worried About Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? ​

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Wisdom teeth extraction is a standard treatment, although it’s not really something you look forward to. Many individuals are apprehensive, so you're not alone if you're experiencing anxiety. However, you don't want your phobia to prevent you from receiving the medical help you require. Consider IV sedation wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines and follow our easy pre-surgery instructions below for a great wisdom teeth removal experience.

Dentist discusses iv sedation for wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines while holding an x-ray

Dental Anxiety: What to Do If You're Afraid

Understand the Process for Removing Wisdom Teeth

Fear of the unknown is a common source of anxiety concerning tooth extraction. Knowing how the surgery is performed and what to expect after recovery might help calm your worries.We recommend speaking with your oral surgeon. If you do too much of your research online, you may get more afraid due to incorrect information.

Inform Your Oral Surgeon About Your Anxiety

Let your dental surgeon know if you're nervous about having your wisdom teeth removed. You'll allow your surgeon and their staff to tailor the treatment plan to your specific needs by speaking out.

Inquire About Your Sedation and Anesthesia Options

Oral surgeons can administer all types of anesthesia and sedation. Local anesthetic, oral sedation, laughing gas, and intravenous (IV) sedation are all safe and effective options for wisdom teeth extraction. Knowing that your surgeon will keep you sedated and numb might help you relax.

What Makes IV Sedation So Popular for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

When a patient is sedated with an IV, they will have little or no memory of their procedure.It also acts rapidly and keeps you in a profound state of relaxation throughout the process. This approach is highly effective due to the effects it has on the body and mind.The most common side effects of the operation are feeling a little dazed or tired for a few hours after that.

a woman is calm and comfortable after getting iv sedation wisdom teeth Pembroke Pines

Want to Learn More About IV Sedation for Wisdom Teeth in Pembroke Pines?

We understand that the prospect of oral surgery might be frightening. However, we believe that by sharing this blog and receiving further information from our staff and oral surgeons, we can help alleviate any fears you may have.Make an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction for a detailed consultation about wisdom tooth extraction and IV sedation alternatives.