Use of Aspirin after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Preparation for oral surgery such as tooth extractions in Plantation requires some important things to consider. One of which is whether it is safe to undergo surgery if you’re taking aspirin. A lot of people take any forms of blood-thinning drugs like aspirin to control medical conditions.Often, Asprin is taken regularly to prevent stroke and heart attack. While it has fever-reducing, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties, it may also lead to unwanted side effects like increased bleeding.

Where can I find Tooth Extractions Plantation?

Can Tooth Extraction be Performed on Patients Using Aspirin?

Talk to your Oral Surgeon

On your first appointment with your oral surgeon, you must talk about the medications you’re regularly taking, especially when it involves taking aspirin or any other anticoagulant medication. Therefore, he can accurately consider your medication and check if it will hinder oral surgery. If there is no other solution but to undergo oral surgery, he can take precautionary measures to avoid excessive bleeding to guarantee your safety.

Tooth Extraction Despite Aspirin Use

Taking aspirin doesn’t necessarily rule out the option of oral surgery. Several dental procedures can be performed without completely stopping your medication. For example, you can still undergo teeth whitening and dental filling because these treatments only involve little trauma.More so, tooth extraction can be performed in case it is necessary. Your oral surgeon will modify the standard procedures to make them less invasive. He will have to assess the potential risks when you stop or continue the blood-thinning medication. While it is normally unsafe to stop taking aspirin and anticoagulant medications, a reduced dosage can lower the probability of developing bleeding complications.

Where can I find Tooth Extractions Plantation?

Safe Tooth Extractions in Plantation

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