Foods to Avoid After an Oral Surgery

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After an Aventura oral surgery, prioritizing the time to heal is essential. Having a healthy diet is a vital part of promoting faster and proper recovery. The minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients help your body heal faster and can have your body feel normal in just a few days. In doing so, you need to eat healthy foods and avoid those which can cause bleeding and other complications to the surgical site. Below is the list of the foods you need to avoid after oral surgery.

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Heal Faster By Avoiding These Types of Foods

Avoid Certain Spices

There are certain spices that you need to avoid. Anything acidic, salty, and spicy can be detrimental to the healing process. It can delay your recovery time and harm sensitive tissue. During the healing period, make sure to be cautious of the seasonings that are in your food. As an expert in Aventura oral surgery, a nutritious diet guarantees a healthy and speedy recovery. However, the texture found in spices may negatively affect your recovery.

Hot Food

Hot food and beverages are not per se harmful. Nonetheless, you need to be wary of the temperature of the food you’re eating. Never eat foods or drink beverages that are too hot as this can increase the risk of burns - this is especially true when you have sensitive tissues. Before wearing your soup, let it sit for a while to cool down.

Sticky or Chewy Foods

This type of food makes your jaw exert too much effort to the point of causing harmful effects to the surgical site. Immediately after the Aventura oral surgery, your jaw needs some time to rest. Avoid chewing on gum, eating certain types of candy like taffy and caramels, as well as chewy meats and bread.

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