Basics of Prosthodontics

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Aventura oral surgery is composed of various types of oral surgical procedures such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, tooth extraction, and prosthodontics. This article will tackle about the basic information of prosthodontics. It is a branch of dentistry that deals with lost or missing teeth replacement and the related hard and soft tissues by prostheses which may be retained and supported through various dental treatment options.

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All You Need to Know About Prosthodontics

What Does it Include?

Prosthodontics include a variety of aesthetic procedures such as surgical insertion of dental implants for embedding artificial dentures or teeth and reshaping of specific teeth to allow bridges, veneers, or crowns. While Aventura oral surgery is a broad aspect of dentistry, prosthodontics is also a comprehensive specialty with other subspecialties such as an implant, maxillofacial, removable, and fixed prosthodontics.

Who are Prosthodontists?

A prosthodontist is an expert dentist who deals with treatments concerning your jaw or mouth structure by prostheses, dentures, or bridges, as well as, replacement of missing teeth. These dentists undergo an additional 3 years of training after dental school to focus in this field.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist?

People opt for the services of prosthodontists because of their advanced training and education, efficiency, and proficiency with state-of-the-art technology. Prosthodontists are comprehensively trained in advanced procedures and techniques for treating multifaceted dental conditions and restoring optimum esthetics and function. Demanding experience and training give prosthodontists a unique understanding of the preservation of a healthy mouth and dynamics of a smile.

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Aventura Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics

Dental prosthetics or prosthodontic dentistry is focused on using dental prostheses to replace or cover your problematic teeth to save your other healthy teeth. Common prosthodontic surgery utilizes the following materials: crowns, veneers, implants, and dentures. Sometimes, people with sleep apnea or TMJ disorder can also approach a prosthodontist for special care and treatment. To know more, schedule an appointment today!