Can TMJ Disorder Alter Your Face Shape?

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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is caused by irregularities in the bite system. Once the muscles, joints, and teeth no longer function accordingly, the imbalance in your mouth’s movement can lead to a lot of symptoms. The most common symptoms of TMJ in Coral Springs are tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, tooth damage, headaches, and jaw pain. Sometimes, it may even alter the shape of your face.

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Losing Facial Symmetry and How to Solve It

TMJ Disorder Can Alter Your Face Shape

Most patients with TMJ disorders complain about changes in the way their faces look. They notice that their facial symmetry is slowly collapsing. The primary cause of which is the irregularities in the teeth. If your teeth don’t properly meet, this will lead to jaw joints and muscle stress. It may even reach your neck area and cause pain or discomfort.The alterations in your facial symmetry are due to the shifting of your jaws caused by the imbalance of your bite system. This is why oral surgeons look at the entirety of the face and not just the teeth and jaw of the patient.

Restore Your Facial Symmetry

Luckily, TMJ treatment can prevent or eliminate asymmetry. By relieving your body of all the stress and symptoms of your TMJ disorder, your face will slowly return to its original place. When your bite system is calibrated and rebalanced, a full mouth reconstruction can be performed. This treatment will restore your jaw to a more comfortable position.Once you undergo full mouth reconstruction, you will also notice changes in posture. Although it is not an immediate effect, this treatment can offer a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to straightening your posture.Additionally, repositioning your teeth will control the overdevelopment of your jaw muscles. Hence, the possibility of experiencing tight jaws and bruxism problems will be eliminated. Just like changes in your posture, this may also take some time.

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Allow Us to Treat Your TMJ in Coral Springs

Getting your facial symmetry in a position not only benefits your teeth, neck, and head – it also enhances your beauty! If you think you need you have a TMJ disorder, book an appointment with us at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center.