Can Your Body Reject a Dental Implant?

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Although it is unlikely that your dental implants Aventura will be rejected by your body, it is always good that you know the causes of dental implants failure. The most common causes why dental implants fail or get rejected by your body are allergies and genetics. However, there are also instances when it is due to poor dental habits. Although dental implant failure is unlikely to happen, below are the 4 primary causes of dental implant failure.

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Causes of Dental Implant Failure

Early Implant Rejection

There are people who have very sensitive teeth and gums when it comes to foreign objects in their mouths. Likewise, undiagnosed allergies may result in dental implants Aventura rejection before it can fully recover. For instance, a lot of patients have a metal allergy. Hence, getting dental implants is not advisable because titanium metal is an important part of the implants.

Late Implant Rejection

Although it is similar to early implant rejection, it actually happens after the bone has fully recovered. It is often due to negligence like insufficient hygiene or home care. Moreso, late dental implants Aventura may be due to traumatic bit because of improperly aligned teeth or post-operation trauma.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Despite the fact that implants are not susceptible to decay, they are not a natural tooth. Maintaining good dental hygiene is still important. Aside from brushing, flossing is also a critical part to prevent dental implant rejection. You may have artificial teeth that are not vulnerable to decay, but your bones and gums are still prone to dental diseases and infections. Likewise, the shelf life of your dental implants will be severely affected if the infection can be found in your gums or bone.

who offers dental implants aventura?

Where to Get Dental Implants Aventura

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