Chin Implant in Miami Beach | Should I Get a Chin Implant?

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Chin augmentation is surgery to reshape or enhance the size of the chin. The implant can be done by either inserting an implant or by moving or reshaping bones. The chin implant in Miami Beach can be performed in the surgeon's office, a hospital, or an outpatient clinic. If you are thinking about getting a chin procedure done, here is some helpful information about chin implants.

Why is it Performed?

Chin augmentation is mostly done to balance the appearance of the face. This can be done by making the chine either longer or bigger compared to the nose. The ideal chin augmentation patient is someone with a weak or receding chin, but a normal bite. It can also help reduce the appearance of a full or “double” chin caused by a small chin bone

How is it Performed?

Chin implant surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. A small incision is made either underneath the chin or inside the mouth, creating a space for the implant. The surgery takes about an hour to perform.

How do I get a chin implant in Miami Beach?

What Does It Look Like?

Chin implants are small, solid devices made from a biocompatible material, such as silicone. The mold is then made to fit around a patient’s chin bone. When inserted, chin implants feel very similar to a natural chin bone and it’s usually impossible to tell that a patient has had any work done.

Are You Looking for a Chin Implant in Miami Beach?

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