Cleft Palate or Cleft Lip Treatment

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Our best oral surgeons perform treatments concerning oral pathology in Plantation, FL. These treatments include complex facial reconstructions and cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, you need to get a reliable oral surgeon who prioritizes your dental health. Additionally, oral surgeons also perform tooth extractions and root canal therapy. However, only a few people know that oral surgeons are also skilled at treating cleft palates and removing benign mouth tumors.

Where can I find oral pathology plantation fl?

How Does an Oral Surgeon Treat Cleft Palate/Lip?


Treatment of cleft palate or cleft lip may require two surgeries, depending on the degree of the repair needed. The preliminary surgery is normally performed by the time the baby is 3-months old. However, such surgery may still be performed when your kid is still in his first year. If no surgery was performed during these times, several additional surgeries might be required once your child reaches 18 years old.The first stage of surgery involves procedures that help in the proper development of the facial bones and teeth. At this stage, oral surgeons try to reduce fluid development chances in the ear and create a functional palate. Additionally, kids with this condition will also be advised to undergo a bone grafting procedure. This treatment is to create enough support to secure the upper jaw and permanent teeth.

Additional Surgeries

Based on statistics, approximately 20% of kids with cleft lip or palate need further surgeries to enhance their speech. Likewise, oral surgeons usually recommend that your kid will get braces to straighten his teeth when the permanent teeth erupt.Aside from braces, other surgeries may still be required to realign and stabilize the jaw, close the opening between the nose and mouth, and enhance the nose and lip's appearance. Therefore, if your child has a cleft lip or palate, it’s imperative you bring him to a surgeon for treatment early.

Where can I find oral pathology plantation fl?

Know More about Oral Pathology in Plantation FL

A child left with a cleft palate, or lip, may face dental and health issues such as impaired hearing, ear infections, and compromised growth development. Schedule an appointment today with our staff at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to have your kid’s condition assessed.