Crooked Teeth Is More Than a Cosmetic Issue

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You might think that a set of misaligned teeth is a cosmetic issue. It may be true in most cases, but there are circumstances where having crooked teeth can lead to more serious oral health problems and make oral surgery in Plantation necessary.

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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

There are many reasons why teeth may grow out of alignment. For instance, overcrowding may cause a growing tooth to bend or lean in a different direction. This happens to both baby and permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth commonly grow crooked because the other teeth have left little to no space to move around the gum.Other reasons for crooked teeth include:

  • Blunt trauma
  • Jaw size
  • Failure to regularly visit the dentist
  • Malnourishment
  • Genetics
  • Childhood habits like thumbsucking

What Oral Health Issues Could Result From Crooked Teeth?

For some people, oral malocclusion causes nothing more than self-esteem issues. However, more severe cases may require intervention like tooth extraction. These procedures will help prevent oral health issues like the ones below.

Gum and Tooth Diseases

Overlapping teeth make some parts inaccessible to brushing or flossing. You may fail to remove sugar and acid residues that can damage the teeth and cause cavities. If not addressed, the holes will enlarge and penetrate into the pulp. The disease can carry over to your jaw and cheekbones in extreme cases.

Chewing Difficulties

Teeth break down food for digestion by grinding it in a specific manner. If one or more of your teeth deviates from this direction, you’ll be chewing and biting harder. This wears down the teeth’s enamel and puts strain on the cheekbones and jaw muscles. You also end up swallowing bigger pieces of food, which can cause indigestion.

Speech Problems

Last but not least, gaps between your teeth cause distortions when articulating words. You could suffer lisps, whistles and unclear pronunciation of letters and words. You’re likely to feel frustrated when communicating and develop self-esteem issues.

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Oral Surgery in Plantation Can Help Address These Issues

You can address problems with crooked teeth in many ways, including veneers, braces, and oral surgery. Don’t hesitate to contact Oral Facial and schedule an appointment.