Debunking 3 Myths About Oral Cancer Symptoms

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Oral cancer is a painful reality. By the end of this year, close to 54,000 Americans will have been diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer. It’s crucial to educate people about this, dispel misconceptions and inform them about the importance of getting an oral cancer screening in Coral Springs if something feels wrong. Let’s take a look at these myths.  

Oral cancer screening in coral springs

Oral Cancer Screening Myths You Should Stop Believing

Myth #1: I Should Only Worry If I Feel Pain

Fact: You probably want an oral pathology expert to check those white spots in your mouth, even when they don’t hurt. Leukoplakia, or unpainful white spots in the mouth, is a typical sign of oral cancer.  If you have a painful sore, you probably have a little viral infection or a simple wound. These conditions quickly resolve on their own. But you should be concerned if a sore doesn't ache and doesn't go away since the early stages of oral cancer are typically not painful.  

Myth #2: Only Smokers Can Get Oral Cancer

Fact: Oral cancer can strike anyone with a mouth. While smoking raises your risk of developing oral cancer, it's not the only factor that causes the disease. For example, the prevalence of mouth cancer among women who have never smoked has two peaks, according to experts. One is tongue cancer in females in their 40s. The second case involves women in their late 70s and early 80s who have gum cancer.  

Myth #3: It Only Affects the Elderly

Fact: Oral cancer in someone under the age of 40 is unusual because it typically develops in older people. Sometimes even professionals doubt the possibility of cancer in someone in their 20s or 30s. However, there are always exceptions. That is why it's crucial to have anything strange examined at any age, even if you think you’re too young and healthy.

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Need an Oral Cancer Screening in Coral Springs?

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