Dental Gimmicks You Should Never Buy Into

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There are tons of misconceptions out there about what qualifies a good dental practice and what’s a gimmick. While various beauty rituals emerged during the pandemic, some of these are highly questionable. Here are the common dental gimmicks you should never buy into when it comes to teeth whitening and tooth extractions care in Plantation.

brushing Tooth Extractions Plantation

Common Don’ts When It Comes To At-Home Dental Treatments

Never Remove Hardened Plaque at Home

You’ve probably seen dental scrapers being sold in grocery or local drug stores. It’s important to know that most of these are not dentist-approved. It takes special skill and training to be able to safely and efficiently scrape off hardened plaque from your teeth. If you don’t know which direction to move the scraper or how much pressure to use, the tendency is that you can damage your tooth enamel and gums.   Dental professionals and hygienists undergo years of training to learn the process of how to efficiently remove plaque without damaging your teeth or gums. If you do this at home, you can accidentally scrape the tartar to the gum line and cause future periodontal problems.

Never Bleach with Raw Hydrogen Peroxide

The pursuit of restoring those pearly whites cannot be done by bleaching your teeth with raw hydrogen peroxide. According to a dental specialist, this substance is carcinogenic. Hence, ingestion or contact with gums should be minimized.  Likewise, using raw hydrogen peroxide can lead to enamel deterioration and complex gum recession. The bottom line here is to leave teeth whitening to professionals to avoid any future dental problems.  

brushing Tooth Extractions Plantation

Know More About Tooth Extractions in Plantation

Are you familiar with “cavitation”? It occurs when there is an infection in the hole where a tooth has been removed. Unless what you’re trying to pull out is a baby tooth, doing the classic ‘String and Door’ approach and ‘I have pliers’ approach are not recommended.   Without proper education and training, tooth extraction can lead to an infection that will compromise your entire dental health. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction to have your tooth extracted by a dental professional!