Dental Health and Your Immune System

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Your immune system and dental health go hand in hand. Since our mouth is the gateway for nutrients to enter our body, it must do its best to combat bacteria that compromises our health. Treatments, like extraction of wisdom teeth in Plantation, are not only necessary to protect your dental health–it also prevents complications that may result in infection.  Cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer have all been linked to poor dental hygiene.

Wisdom teeth Plantation

How Are Our Immune System and Dental Health Connected?

Presence of Bacteria

The presence of bacteria in your mouth is why your immune system and dental health are connected. It’s important to always remember that your mouth is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow–it is moist, warm, and has enough nutrients.  If you neglect to regularly brush and floss your teeth, traces of food particles in your mouth promote the growth of the bacteria. Once this accumulates, several complications may occur in your body and this includes your immune system. Infection in the respiratory system will also arise if left untreated.   

Poor Dental Health

Your immune system is responsible to attack and kill any bacteria found in your body. Gingivitis and other gum disease are inflammatory dental conditions that emerge due to the overabundance of the bacteria in your mouth. When your immune system focuses its energy to fight off bacteria in your mouth, it undermines its responsibility from the other parts of your body. This leaves the bacteria in other parts of your body to flourish.

Wisdom teeth Plantation

Remove your Wisdom Teeth in Plantation

Infected wisdom teeth houses a lot of bacteria and this may spread throughout your body if not extracted. To avoid immune system compromise, have your wisdom tooth removed at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center.