Dental Implants Aventura | Dental Hygiene Guidelines After a Procedure

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Dental implants Aventura are made of a material called titanium, a similar material used in creating rockets and missiles. It may sound dangerous but it is perfectly safe.  Additionally, although implants look and feel like your natural teeth, they are made of artificial elements that cannot be plagued with cavities. But just because implants do not decay, doesn’t mean you should not practice good oral hygiene. Below are the guidelines you need to follow to take care of your teeth and dental implants.

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Best Way to Preserve Your Implants

Keeping Everything Clean

A successful dental implants surgery depends on how you take care of your teeth after the procedure. Start brushing your teeth in your usual way; just make sure not to excessively brush the surgical site. Also, you are advised to avoid smoking and drinking or eating foods with stubborn stains as it can slow down the healing process. When eating, make sure to keep the food away from the surgical site to prevent bleeding and gum rupture.

Take Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins A, C, D, K, E are essential in building strong bones and avoid blood clotting after your dental implant surgery. You can get these vitamins through fruits and vegetables or in supplements. Multivitamins are great ways to supply your body with the essential nutrients you need but it should not be an excuse to eat food with empty calories. Healthy meals are still the best way to go.

What to Avoid

Immediately after your dental implant surgery, make sure that you only take cold drinks and never to eat hard foods until the local anesthetic wears off. Likewise, avoid strenuous exercises for the first 2 days after your surgery.

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