Dental Implants Aventura FL | Habits to Avoid That Can Damage Implants

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Getting dental implants is a lot of work, but a lot of people still invest both their money and time on this treatment because they know that lifetime results are worth it. That’s why if you choose to get dental implants Aventura FL it’s important that you’re mindful about the things that could affect its longevity to make them last. To protect your implants from damage, here are some habits to avoid:

Forgetting to Floss

Although dental implants Aventura can’t develop decay, they still need to be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. Forgetting to floss can allow tiny bits of food to accumulate around the implants and gum line, which could result in infection and dental implant failure.

Forgetting to do Follow-up Checkups

Regular dentist visits can help monitor the condition of your dental implants and oral health. So, if there are any findings of a potential problem it can still be treated to prevent the failure of the implants. You can also get dental cleanings during dentist visits, which is essential to prevent gum disease. Forgetting to do this can risk your implants and your oral health.

Using your Teeth as a Tool

Nail-biting, chewing on pencils, and opening beer bottles with your teeth can damage your implants. Implants are made from durable materials, but it is designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear from eating, not the pressure from using it as a tool.


Smoking is bad for your overall health, but it’s even worse for your implants. Smoking makes it difficult for your implants to Osseo-integrate with your bones. It’s likely that you’ll lose your dental implants if you do not stop smoking.

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Avoid the habits mentioned above to preserve your dental implants Aventura FL. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we can provide you with the best care and treatments thanks to our team of experienced oral surgeons who possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee success. If you’re looking for dental implants, call us today or visit our website!