Dental Implants Aventura FL | Things You Need to Do Before Undergoing a Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental implants Aventura FL is the most preferred option among the different tooth replacement solutions. This is because it offers benefits and advantages no other tooth replacement can offer. But despite being a great alternative to replace natural teeth, some patients still have fears and doubts about the entire treatment because of its nature. But doing these things before undergoing implant surgery will help make sure that your operation will go as smoothly as possible. Here are the things you need to do before undergoing a dental implant procedure:

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What are the Things I Need to Do Before Undergoing an Implant Procedure?

Take a Blood Test

Taking a blood test is very important because it’ll help identify if you have any systematic disease like diabetes, hypertension, or autoimmune disease, which could affect the success of your dental implants treatment.  These illnesses can also increase your risk of developing an infection or other complications after the procedure.

Mouth Examination

Before placing your implants, it's important to address oral problems, such as gum disease, tooth decays, and bite irregularities, which are only identified through a thorough mouth examination. Not treating gum disease increases your likelihood of developing bacteria that could damage your bone which supports your teeth. If this reaches the area where your implant is located, then the infection will likely occur causing implant failure. Bruxism can also damage your implants.

X-Ray Examination

X-rays are very important because they help determine if you have enough bone mass to support a successful implant treatment. If not, your oral surgeon may suggest that you undergo bone graft procedure or PRP treatments.

CT Examination

CT examination stands for computer tomography. It’s a procedure that takes cross-sectional photos of your bones, providing accurate information like bone height, and also allow oral surgeons to see the exact position of your new implant.

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Where to Undergo Dental Implants Aventura FL Procedure?

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