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There are various ways you can replace your missing tooth or a few teeth. But if you want a durable and permanent solution, then dental implants Aventura is what you need. Dental implants mimic your natural teeth, so not only can they give you a natural-looking beautiful smile, but it can also provide stability and strength to support your facial structures. But how do you know you need dental implants? Here are the signs that show you need dental implants:

You’re Suffering from Missing Teeth

Living without most of your teeth can become crippling and embarrassing. It limits what you eat and it doesn’t allow you to speak properly. Good thing, dental implants can permanently fill in the gaps, keeping the rest of your teeth in place, and it can restore the functions of your mouth, allowing you to speak and eat properly.

You Have a Cracked Tooth

In some cases, a cracked tooth can’t be fixed with a crown. Sometimes, especially if it’s deeply damaged, it needs to be extracted and have an implant replace it. Doing this will save you from the pain caused by a cracked tooth.

You’re Suffering from Ill-fitting Dentures

Ill-fitting dentures are very uncomfortable and can irritate your gums. It can also slip off while you’re talking or eating, making you feel conscious and limiting you. But with dental implants Aventura, you can be confident in everything you do, knowing that your implants are securely anchored into your jawbone.

You’re Experiencing Bone Loss

Bone loss due to tooth loss is one of the reasons why people suffer from premature aging. When your jawbone deteriorates, it is unable to provide the support needed to preserve your facial structure. But dental implants can help prevent bone loss through osseointegration.

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Looking for Dental Implants Aventura?

If you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, then don’t hesitate to visit Oral Facial Reconstruction for a consultation and ask about dental implants Aventura. Our team of experienced oral surgeons will guarantee that your implant procedure is a success and a pleasant experience! Contact us for inquiries!