Dental Implants Aventura | Why Titanium Dental Implants are Safe

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Dental implants Aventura are one of the most secure and beneficial ways to replace missing teeth. But a lot of people have questioned its safety because of the material titanium, which is used in the implants. Despite the question in safety, titanium dental implants have been used for over 50 years and are proven to be safe and effective. To support this statement, here are some reasons why titanium dental implants are safe:

High Success Rate

At a 95% success rate, titanium is the most common and popular type of material used in dentistry. It is proven to be safe and effective.

Low Thermal Conductivity

This allows patients to avoid experiencing irritation and pain due to drastic temperature changes, triggered by hot or cold foods.

It Can Successfully Osseo-Integrate

Osseo-integration means that titanium has the ability to fuse with the human bone over a period of time. Titanium’s high biocompatibility allows it to be used in various medical procedures, like hips, bone screws, and heart valves.

It is Durable but Light

Despite being a metal, titanium, compared to gold alloys is 4x lighter. This allows patients to experience a secure, comfortable, and light appliance in their mouths.

It Does Not Produce a Metallic Taste

Titanium dental implants Aventura has a neutral taste so it does not give-off that metallic taste in your mouth.

Dimensional Efficiency

Titanium is known to have exceptionally low metal shrinkage which mirrors into high accuracy and omission of stresses.

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