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Dental Implants Coral Springs is an excellent dental treatment choice for adults who have lost a tooth or several teeth. See, it’s not okay that you leave a missing tooth untreated. It may seem innocuous, but a missing tooth can cause a number of complications including further tooth loss, impaired speech, and trouble to chew among others. Unfortunately, even if dental implants can fix a teeth gap, it also has its fair share of risks and one of which is contracting an infection.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants Coral Springs?

Believe it or not but losing a tooth is going to change your life and sorry to say it’s not for the better. When you lose a tooth, your self-esteem will be affected but it’s not just that, your oral health will be greatly compromised too. Although there are a lot of dental treatments for missing teeth, dental implants are by far the most effective because it’s convenient, it’s long-lasting and it looks and feels real.

Could Dental Implants Get Infected?

Unfortunately, no matter how strong and durable a dental implant is, it is still susceptible to infection just like your real teeth. Some of the contributing factors of a dental implant infection include systemic diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes and a history of periodontitis. Other factors include poor oral hygiene, drug abuse, smoking, malocclusion, and bruxism.

What Are the Signs Your Dental Implant Is Infected?

How can you tell if your dental implant site is infected? There are signs that you need to look out for. If you notice a bad and odd taste in your mouth, then it’s likely that your dental implant is infected. Another noticeable sign is if you experience a fever following the surgery. Check your gums for bleeding or pus; if either of the two is present then you should be concerned. Also, if your implant is loosened or wobbly or if you feel that it’s about to go loose, you should contact your dentist immediately.

Where are good dental implants Coral Springs?

Looking for Dental Implants Coral Springs?

It is important that you look out for possible Dental Implants Coral Springs signs of infection. At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we offer a wide array of high-quality dental treatments. Call us today for an appointment.