Dental Implants in Coral Springs | Types of Dental Implant Materials

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Dental implants are a great way to fix your smile. When it comes to implants there are two main materials that they are made from. The majority of dental implants are made of either titanium or zirconia. Let’s take a deeper look at the two types of materials used for dental implants in Coral Springs.


Zirconia implants are somewhat new to the implant world. In the United States, we have been using Zirconia for implants since 2007. In comparison, titanium has been used since the 1960’s. Most zirconia implants are one piece and are biocompatible. That allows for the bone to grow around the implant material just as it does around our natural tooth roots. Zirconia implants are ceramic and do not suffer any corrosion. They are also ideal for people that either are allergic to or don’t want titanium in their mouth.

What are dental implants in Coral Springs?


Titanium is a metal that is strong, lightweight, non-toxic and corrosion resistant. As a result, it has been used in the medical field for decades. Dental implants made of titanium have a long-term success rate of about 95%. Some people have had their titanium implants for more than 30 years. Titanium implants are usually made of titanium alloy which is a combination of a few different metals including aluminum, vanadium, and nickel. Typically, any allergies to the titanium implants actually come from the nickel.

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