Dental Implants in Pembroke Pines | What is Bone Grafting?

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If you are missing one or more teeth, you can’t go wrong with dental implants. However, some people can’t get implants due to the jaw bone being too thin or soft to keep the implant in place. If that’s the case, an option is a bone graft. Let’s talk about what exactly bone grafting is and how it pertains to dental implants in Pembroke Pines.

What Is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure needed to fix the patient’s jaw bone that is damaged by tooth loss, gum disease, trauma. This procedure may fill the void where the bone is absent and will help provide structural stability to later install dental implants. The bone used in a bone graft can come from your body, a donor, or it can be entirely man-made. An allograft uses donated bone from either a deceased body or cadaver. An autograft uses bone from somewhere else in your body.

Where can I get dental implants in Pembroke Pines?

Advantages of a Bone Graft

Even if you are not getting implants, a bone graft can still be beneficial. If your jaw bone is weak or thin, it can result in premature aging of the face. A bone graft can stop or even reverse that. Here are some other advantages:

  • It offers us the chance to preserve the shape and strength of the bony ridge long after the tooth is gone.
  • Increases the possibility of implant, bridge, denture, or partial placement in the future.
  • Avoids the shrinkage in the mouth’s height and width over time.
  • Avoids the possibility of narrow, short, and fragile jaw structure.

Are You in Need of Dental Implants in Pembroke Pines?

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