Dental Implants in Plantation | How Are Implants Placed?

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Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. In fact, implants are the preferred method of treatment by dentists. But, have you ever wondered how exactly dental implants are placed? Most implants are placed using a two-step process. Let’s take a look at two steps involved in placing dental implants in Plantation.

First Procedure

The first procedure involves the actual placement of the implants. To place the implants, the surgeon first will make an incision in your gums to expose the bone. They will then drill a hole in the bone and place the implant in the hole. Your gums will then be stitched shut over the implant. If the implant is placed in the front of your mouth, your dentist will give you a temporary denture or bridge so that you do not have to be without teeth. After the implant is placed, the process of the implant bonding with your jaw can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Second Procedure

After the implants have fused with the surrounding jaw, the second procedure can take place. In this procedure, your surgeon will make a small cut in the gum, exposing the implant. The protective screw will then be removed from the implant and replaced by a cap. The healing cap looks like a small metal cylinder that sits above your gums in the area where your tooth would be.

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