Dental Implants Miami Beach | Dental Implants Do’s and 2 Don’ts After Surgery

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Doesn’t it feel good to have that award-winning smile back? Just because your new set of teeth are fake doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them. Dental Implants Miami Beach is durable and will last you a lifetime. But it still needs proper care just like your natural teeth. If you are planning to get implants, there are a few things you should do to maintain them. Here are the dental implant’s dos and don’ts after surgery:


  • Allow yourself to Heal

A surgical procedure like dental implants requires you to heal properly for the surgery to be successful. Allow yourself to take time off from work and any strenuous activity especially after surgery.

  • Nourish Yourself

If you want to heal faster, you need to nourish your body. Although it’s tempting to just eat oatmeal and soups, try to incorporate soft fruits and vegetables in your diet for vitamins and minerals.

  • Stop Smoking and Continue Good Oral Hygiene

Smoking can stop the successful Osseo-integration between the implants and the bone. If this happens, you just wasted thousands of dollars and are about to spend some more on getting it fixed. What you should do is avoid smoking, and continue to brush and floss your teeth every day.

Do Not:

  • Skip on Dentist Appointments

Seeing your dentist regularly is important especially now that you have implants. It is important that your dentist is able to keep track if the implants have successfully healed, and to monitor for any signs of failed implants. It is also important to communicate with your dentist if you feel any discomfort or if you have any concerns.

  • Forget your Protein

The most common source of protein is meat but you can get protein from other sources too! You can opt for tofu since it is soft and it can supply the protein your body needs.

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