Dental Implants Miami Beach | Why Your Implants May Fail

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Although dental implants Miami Beach are known to be durable and can last a lifetime, there are a few factors that could affect its longevity. Aside from poor oral hygiene, here are some reasons why your implants may fail:


It’s highly recommended that you stop smoking, especially in the first 6 months after getting your implants. That time allotted will allow your implants to fully Osseointegrate with your jaw bones. Smoking during this time can impede the blood flow to the gums which will affect the healing process.

Gum Disease

If you have active gum disease you won’t be allowed to have a dental implant procedure. But there are some who still do it without completely treating their gum disease. The untreated infection could progress in the implant area which will result in failure. Have your gum disease treated completely so you can enjoy a successful implant procedure.

Insufficient Bone Mass

For a successful dental implant procedure, you must have enough bone mass. The lack of bone mass will cause your implants to fail. That is why some patients opt for a bone graft procedure before getting implants.

Medical Conditions

If you’re diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, there’s an increased chance for your implants to fail. Having these diseases causes your body to heal slower than needed. Slow healing can hinder a successful Osseointegration. There are also some medications that can affect your dental implants. So, it’s important to discuss these with your dentist.

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Getting dental implants Miami Beach is not a cheap or easy process. That is why it’s important to do the necessary to make sure that the implant is a success. If you’re looking for quality implants, you can get them at Oral Facial Reconstruction. we can provide you with the best care and treatments thanks to our team of experienced oral surgeons who possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee success. Call us for inquiries or visit our website to see our other services!