What Happens When You Undergo Dental Implant Surgery?

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During the planning and consultation stage, your dentist will visually assess the condition of your mouth where a dental implant surgery is supposed to be conducted. Aside from visual assessment, dental implants in Pembroke Pines are assessed through CT scans, panoramic films, and X-rays. At this stage, the quantity and quality of your jawbone will be examined to determine whether you have a sufficient amount of jawbone to carry the dental implants.

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What Happens Before Initial Assessment and Examination?

During the Surgery

For the entire surgical procedure, you will be under local anesthesia so the surgical site will numb and prevent you from experience unnecessary anxiety and discomfort. Once the local anesthesia takes effect, teeth removal is the first stage. Normally, the surgical site still has a damaged tooth on it. Hence, it is essential to clear the site before placing the dental implants.Dental implants in Pembroke Pines may also include other procedures such as bone grafting. This additional procedure is necessary for patients who have a surgical site with insufficient bone or no surrounding tooth. Likewise, sinus lift or sinus augmentation may also be conducted to graft more bone and lift the sinus floor into the sinus. In this way, there will be more than sufficient bone quantity to support dental implants.

After the Surgery

Once the surgery is done and the local anesthesia wears off, your dentist will advise you to follow several aftercare tips during the healing period. After such a period, you will have to visit the dentist again to test and determine whether your dental implants in Pembroke Pines were successful. Likewise, after the primary surgical process, discomfort should be marginal. Swelling of your face and gums may occur, as well as bruising and minor bleeding of the implant site.

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