How Do Dental Implants Promote a Healthy Jawbone?

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Ever since dental implants came into existence, dental professionals recommend such treatment with supported tooth replacement as the most effective dental alternative. However, few people only know that dental implants offer many benefits aside from just restoring a patient's teeth. This ideal dental treatment helps maintain a younger facial shape, promote jawbone density, and enhance dental health. Below are the reasons why dental implants in Plantation encourage healthy jawbone.

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Link Between Jawbone Density and Dental Implants

Mimics Root Structure

With implants, bone material is used to fill the jawbone. The area will be healthy again as the new bone material fuses with your gum tissue. Likewise, once you experience tooth loss, it will not take long before you experience severe and uncomfortable dental health problems. According to professionals on dental implants in Plantation, tooth roots play an essential role in maintaining your gum tissue volume and jawbone density. Without active tooth roots, the foundation of your tooth's structure will start to break down.

Other Reasons

Aside from preventing the breakdown of your teeth, healthy jawbone density enhances your tooth replacement prosthetics' stability, allowing you to eat different foods, smile confidently, and speak clearly in any circumstance. Additionally, it also decreases the risk of dental concerns such as gum tissue irritation and facial shape changes than may be caused by weak tooth alternative solutions. Furthermore, dental implants in Plantation can give you functioning restoration and a natural feel that can be cleaned and maintained as if you still have your natural teeth.

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