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If you’re looking for the best replacement option for your missing teeth, then dental implants Plantation is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s designed to mimic the feel, look, and function of your natural teeth. It also helps maintain and strengthen your bone structure and restore fully the functions of your mouth. But not all people have ample bone mass to support dental implants. Good thing there are now procedures that can rebuild bones for dental implants. Here are the procedures to help rebuild your bone for dental implants:

Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation is done to restore and regenerate the bone in your jaws to provide a sturdy structure where implants can be anchored securely. A bone graft is a common procedure for augmentation. The procedure involves placing bone graft material to the existing bone in your jaw to allow a new bone to develop. Studies also show that using growth factors and bone additives to build up the bone yields the best results.

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is also known as sinus elevation or sinus augmentation. This surgical procedure involves adding bone to your upper jaw where your molars and premolars are located. One of the many reasons why the natural bone in this area deteriorates is because of tooth loss. To make room for the bone that is added between your maxillary sinuses and jaw, your sinus membrane will be lifted or moved upward.

Ridge Expansion

If your jaws aren’t wide enough to support dental implants, then undergoing ridge expansion is a viable solution. This procedure involves adding bone graft material to a small space or ridge devised along the top of your jaw. It’s important to augment the ridge bone to add enough height and horizontal width to accommodate the dental implants Plantation.

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Dental implants Plantation is the best way to permanently replace your missing teeth. Despite the lengthy process, the results are worth it. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we offer high-quality dental implants in the best price possible. Contact us for more information.