Dentures Versus Teeth-In-A-Day®

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According to surveys, an estimated 40 million Americans have missing teeth. You may be interested in learning your alternatives if you are missing all of your teeth, require extraction of your remaining teeth, or are currently experiencing issues with them. An entire arch of teeth can be replaced using a regular denture, a detachable implant overdenture, or Teeth-in-a-Day® in Plantation.

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Advantages Both Dentures and Teeth-In-A-Day® Offer

Benefits of Getting Teeth-in-a-Day®

Compared to detachable complete dentures and removable implant overdentures, Teeth-in-a-Day® has many benefits. They are a durable, comfortable, and non-removable option that protects the jawbone. A new smile and an elevated quality of life can be quickly attained with Teeth-in-a-Day®.

  • Stability

Dental implants can stabilize your teeth arch. In contrast to an utterly removable denture, your replacement teeth do not lie on your gums. You don't need to be concerned about your denture falling out, slipping, or lifting.

  • Strength

To provide your teeth additional strength to function and endure the forces of biting and chewing, implants secure your fixed overdenture. Your chewing ability can be fully restored with fixed overdentures.

Benefits of Wearing Dentures

Dentures are removable dental devices that fill up tooth gaps. They are advantageous for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth due to disease, trauma, or decay. Patients who are missing teeth may believe that dentures require much maintenance and are uncomfortable. This dental device requires some attention, but the advantages far outweigh any short-term discomfort. Before making a choice, these patients should be aware of the many benefits wearing dentures will provide them. Always ask your dentist for further information about a dental procedure if you have questions about its advantages. Dentures are a cost-effective treatment choice if there are still healthy teeth in your mouth. They are offered in porcelain or plastic materials that mimic natural teeth, giving a smile a natural appearance. Your face muscles will start to droop if you have missing teeth. Dentures take the place of the facial support that your natural teeth formerly provided, helping you maintain your youthful appearance. Modern dentures are made to mimic the appearance and function of real teeth while also being comfortable. The right fit could require several dental appointments, but that is a modest price to pay for restored confidence in chewing and speaking.

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Are You Ready to Get Teeth-In-A-Day® in Plantation?

If you’re all set on getting Teeth-in-a-Day® but fear the discomfort or pain that follows, don’t worry! Our dentists at Oral Facial Reconstruction will prescribe you effective painkillers. Call us!