The Latest Developments in Dental Implants

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Dental implant treatment has seen remarkable advancements to make things easier, faster, and more effective. There are innovations on both the prosthetic and surgical fronts, including advanced modalities, materials, and techniques. But, the most important development of dental implants in Plantation is the utilization and refinement of digital technology.

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Digital Technology in Dental Implants Therapy

Computer-Guided Surgery

After the contour and 3D position of the final treatment has been decided, innovative computer-guided surgery allows your surgeon to carefully determine the soft and hard-tissue augmentation of your gums, as well as, the precise positioning of the implants. It has been settled that this advanced technique is the most accurate and foolproof method of placing the digitally planned implant.

Digital Implant Planning

Albeit the techniques such as immediate loading, immediate implant placement, and computer-guided surgery, nothing is more helpful and precise than using digital technology. Digital implant planning utilizes software that allows the combination of digital impressions and CBCT technology.With digital implant planning, it’s now possible for you to take a single digital impression and CBCT scan and get a great view of the oral cavity. Before this advancement, much time and effort was needed to carefully plan a successful dental implant therapy. The development of digital implant planning allows your dentist to digitally plan both the prosthetic and surgical modalities, making it more accurate, efficient, and safe.

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Get Advanced Dental Implants in Plantation

There is no doubt that the use of technology can give you more certainty about the future of your dental health. Want to know more about the other advancements our doctors use when you choose dental implants at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center? Contact our friendly staff so we can guide you through the process. We’ll be glad to attend to your dental needs!