Difference Between an Oral Surgeon and Periodontist

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Since an oral surgeon and periodontist deal with closely related oral procedures, understanding the difference between the two can be a bit difficult. Nonetheless, it is important to distinguish one from another, so you’ll know whether you have to use the services of a periodontist or oral surgeon in Aventura.

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Oral Surgeon Versus Periodontist

Oral surgeons perform various surgical procedures associated with deformities or diseases in the mouth, face, and jaw. This dental professional can perform complex tooth removal, treat cancerous tumors in the mouth, address traumatic jaw injuries, and fix birth defects. As a bonus point, oral surgeons are also licensed to administer anesthesia.To be a licensed oral surgeon, one must graduate from dental school and complete additional training and specialization. Most general dentists are not qualified to conduct oral surgery due to the lack of experience and training. Hence, if oral surgery is required to address your dental concern, general dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon.


This dental professional can also perform oral surgery. However, the practice is only limited to the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Periodontists are responsible for looking after your gums and making sure that they function accordingly in supporting your teeth.As for the educational background of periodontists, they also complete the standard dental school and undergo additional training. The only difference is where the study or training is focused.Most general dentists can treat periodontal diseases at an early stage, but they often refer severe cases to periodontists. The common treatments performed by periodontists are root planing and scaling, root surface debridement, and pocket reduction procedures.

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Looking for an Oral Surgeon in Aventura?

The bottom line is that oral surgeons can perform various dental procedures while periodontists focus on gum health. If you’re currently suffering from complex dental problems, please schedule an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center.