Do I Need Braces Before an Orthognathic Surgery?

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Have you ever heard of an under or overbite? These issues are direct reflections of jaw misalignment. Orthognathic surgery Coral Springs is also known as corrective jaw surgery. It is performed to fix the misalignment of your jaws and teeth when they cannot be corrected through orthodontic treatment. This surgery aims to reposition and repair your jaws to improve its functionality while enhancing your facial appearance.

Where can I have Orthognathic Surgery Coral Springs?

Braces and Orthognathic Surgery

Who Are Good Candidates for Orthognathic Surgery?

Not everyone who has a jaw problem needs to undergo orthognathic surgery in Coral Springs. A good candidate for this type of procedure is someone who may be suffering in some way from the skeletal imbalance in the jaw. Furthermore, this includes difficulty speaking and chewing, TMJ disorder, protruding jaw, sleep apnea, receding chin, poor facial alignment, and an open bite.

Braces May be Necessary

The majority of orthognathic surgery requires the patient to have braces before the process begins. The purpose of this treatment is to level and realign your teeth before you undergo surgery. Therefore, if your teeth are perfectly aligned, you won’t have to get braces.

Treatment Plan

Once you’re done with the braces, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon and your orthodontist will team up to develop a customized treatment plan according to your teeth’s condition. Models, pictures, and x-rays of your teeth may be taken as part of the procedure. Sometimes, orthodontists recommend reshaping the teeth or covering them with crowns.Your treatment for orthognathic surgery in Coral Springs may also require temporary orthodontic anchoring devices, computer-guided treatment methods, or 3-dimensional CT scanning. Furthermore, these procedures may reduce your time in braces and prevent any teeth movement.

Where can I have Orthognathic Surgery Coral Springs?

Quick and Effective Orthognathic Surgery Coral Springs

Aside from the treatment plans mentioned above, virtual surgical planning may also be conducted. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center today to get a quick and effective orthognathic surgery.