Do Wisdom Teeth Crook My Other Teeth?

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Wisdom teeth bring nothing but trouble and pain to most people who are unlucky enough to have them. Therefore, dentists in Pembroke Pines are in their office ready to assess if your wisdom teeth will eventually wreak havoc in your smile and crook your teeth or if these new pearly whites are harmless enough to stick around your mouth for the rest of your life.

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What Are Wisdom Teeth For?

Wisdom teeth might seem useless now, but they were once a tool that gave us strength and power. Our primitive ancestors fed on whatever they could find, and in older times, their diet included hard nuts and leaves and undercooked, tough meat. Humans needed as many teeth as possible to chew and grind these meals into smaller pieces and facilitate digestion. Wisdom teeth are one of the strongest and widest pearly whites in your mouth, so they were vital to get the job done back in the day. However, modern times have brought about cooking tools and techniques that render wisdom teeth pointless. As tough and unused as these teeth are, wisdom teeth can still cause several dental problems that might force your dentist to take them out, such as:

Do Wisdom Teeth Make My Other Teeth Crooked?

Even when wisdom teeth look like the clear culprits behind teeth shift, more often than not, they have enough space and don't exert enough pressure to change the position of neighboring teeth. If the position of your teeth or bite changes over time, it might be due to the tendency teeth have to move closer to each other. Nonetheless, wisdom teeth that are about to erupt in a misaligned position can impact your smile, so your dentist has to take an X-ray to determine if a wisdom tooth extraction is required.

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Looking for a Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Pembroke Pines?

Wisdom teeth won't crook your other teeth, but your dentist might still have to extract your teeth in certain situations. We can provide top-quality oral surgery, so book an appointment today!