Early Detection of Oral Cancer is Crucial

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According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), oral cancer is the 8th most common cancer in the world with more than 520,000 new cases worldwide each year. To narrow it down further, in the United States alone, data estimates that 48,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. The mortality rate is so high due to late detection since it’s usually diagnosed at a very advanced stage. This is why an oral cancer screening in Pembroke Pines plays such a big role in preventing and attacking this disease. Let’s take a look.

Oral cancer screening in Pembroke Pines

Why is Early Detection So Important?

Early detection is essential since it enhances the likelihood of effective treatment. If discovery is delayed, the cancer cells would eventually spread to the nearby parts of the affected area, raising morbidity. Additionally, the patient's cancer-related handicap increases in the absence of early detection and concurrent treatment, decreasing the patient's probability of survival.The goal of encouraging early detection is to decrease mortality from the diagnosis at a later stage. When cancer is discovered at an early stage I or II, as opposed to the more advanced stage III and IV tumors, it has been reported that the 5-year survival rate rises.

Consequences of Delaying Treatment

Oral cancer is prone to advance when early diagnosis or management is put off. Of course, survival and quality of life are also impacted by this.A diagnosis of bigger oral cancer is linked to a worse prognosis and a higher probability of nodal metastases. Also, the treatment might get more difficult the more you wait since it entails a surgical operation that includes both reconstruction and the excision of the tumor.

Oral cancer screening in Pembroke Pines

Need an Oral Cancer Screening in Pembroke Pines?

Remember that your health must always come first and that a regular check-up to rule out this dangerous condition is fundamental. Call us now at Oral Facial Reconstruction and schedule an appointment to start taking care of your oral health.