Everything You Need to Know About Impacted Wisdom Teeth!

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Our final pair of molars will appear on both sides of your mouth, on both sides of the jaw. Between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one, the term "wisdom teeth" is commonly heard. Many of us do not have enough space in our mouths to accommodate new teeth without causing other teeth to shift locations. When your dentist examines your mouth and discovers an issue with your growing molars, they will most likely recommend your wisdom teeth be removed through oral surgery in Aventura, Fl.

Oral surgery Aventura fl

How Do You Know if a Tooth Is Impacted?

What Are the Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth That Have Been Impacted?

Some of us with impacted molars do not feel any symptoms, while others do. The teeth of partially impacted wisdom teeth break through the gum line and are visible outside the gum. These partially impacted teeth can hold food particles and make it difficult to clean your mouth.With partially impacted teeth, some people experience mild to sever discomfort. You will experience certain symptoms if your teeth become infected, including gums that are red and swollen, gums that are bleeding might also experience having difficulty opening your mouth, and swelling and pain around the jaw.

Dealing With Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The process to remove the molars is straightforward, and you can return the same day. The dentist may provide an anesthetic to numb the surrounding areas as part of the process. The dentist will numb the region before cutting the gums and removing the bone pieces that protect the tooth before extracting it. He will close the incision once the affected tooth has been taken.

Oral surgery Aventura fl

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