Everything You Need to Know About IV Sedation

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If the idea of going to the dentist for a treatment such as the removal of wisdom teeth in Plantation can sometimes be a little anxiety-inducing. That’s why many certified oral surgeons, including ours, offer IV sedation. With IV sedation, you remain conscious during your procedure, but you will be in a heightened state of relaxation with no pain!

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Important Facts about Intravenous Sedation


IV sedation allows you to feel relaxed and makes procedures, like wisdom teeth extraction, more comfortable. It provides a deep state of relaxation by putting you in a semi-conscious state while your vitals are constantly monitored. When you come out of surgery and let any grogginess wear off, it’s possible you may not even remember the procedure and can go on with a healthier smile and no worries.


Intravenous sedation can ease your anxieties and can make your wisdom teeth extraction more comfortable. IV sedation offers a deep state of relaxation by putting you in a semi-conscious state.Other options like oral sedation can take over an hour before you start feeling relaxed and drowsy, but with IV sedation, the effect begins to work in seconds. Because of this, you don’t have to feel anxious while waiting for the sedative to take full eff

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More so, it allows your oral surgeon to control how much medication you’re receiving. You will be given the sedative in small doses until you reach the desired state of deep relaxation.

Other Types of Sedation Used to Remove Wisdom Teeth in Plantation

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