Expectations When It Comes to IV Sedation

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IV sedation complications, especially when used in wisdom teeth removal, are very rare. The whole process is very safe. Typically, the only thing you’ll notice is some mild irritation at the IV site, which will disappear fairly quickly. To know more about the expectations regarding IV sedation for wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines, please read on.

woman before iv sedation wisdom teeth pembroke pines

What to Expect Before, During, and After the Procedure


Patients are required to take steps before IV sedation is administered. These steps guarantee that you enjoy the most relaxing and safest treatment possible. Before you arrive at the office for IV sedation, do not eat or drink anything six hours prior to treatment. Also, do not drink any alcohol for 24 hours.


After you arrive at the clinic, the staff will prepare you for the procedure, and they will insert the IV. IV sedation allows you to enjoy a pain-free and highly relaxing visit.


After your dental treatment, you might feel slightly drowsy. Nonetheless, this will subside after a couple of hours. Some patients may also feel amnesia effects, meaning you probably won’t even remember what happened!We advise you to bring a friend or family member to drive you back home safely. Additionally, you should refrain from doing strenuous activities, drinking alcohol, and taking medication not approved by the dentist.

woman before iv sedation wisdom teeth pembroke pines

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