Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Plantation | What Are Cheek Implants?

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A cheek augmentation is a surgery that involves the placement of cheek implants as desired by a patient. If you’re interested in the cosmetic benefits of cheek implants, here is some basic information you should know before consulting one of our doctors for facial cosmetic surgery in Plantation:

Why Does Someone Get Cheek Implants?

There is a variety of reasons someone would opt for cheek implants – most of which are completely cosmetic. Surgeons typically use silicone cheek implants to shape the face.However, they can both sculpt and sharpen the face. Depending on the placement and size, implants can give the appearance of high cheek bones. This allows for a stronger look. To fill out the face, surgeons place implants lower. Those with a "sunken face" may opt for this look. An augmentation may also reverse the appearance of damage caused by trauma, allowing the patient to feel confident.

why does someone get cheek implant facial cosmetic surgery in plantation

What Does the Procedure Entail?

A cheek augmentation is a surgery and comes with risks as all do. During the surgery, an incision is made inside of the mouth. This is where the surgeon will enter to create a pocket for the implant to rest in. It will then be closed for the surrounding to heal with the new addition.Post-surgery, your doctor will provide ample information about caring for your incision and your implants. There will most likely be swelling and soreness in the cheek area. You may also feel tightness as your facial skin and muscles adjust. You will receive painkillers as necessary, but should anything feel “off,” doctors are willing to address all concerns.

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